About ME!

Hi! I'm Jackie. I am a  mom to two little boys, wife to a hard working veteran, fur mom to "Frick & Frack" and lover of memories. I always have my camera on my and even if it's annoying, I love to remember the little things. I volunteer for many special projects throughout the year including providing free sessions to NICU babies, charity events for Nothing Down, The American Cancer Society, my local fire department and sheriff's office and more!  

Get to know me a little more!

Likes: Sweet tea, laughing (if you haven't heard Jackie's laugh, it's contagious) babies and puppies, photographic artwork throughout her home of her family, telling her son "I'm gonna get you!!" and hearing him screech with laughter, learning from the best in the industry and evenings with her family in the back yard. 

Dislikes: Calories (haha), negativity, infomercials (because her husband thinks they need everything they try to sell) and coffee.