Are you stuck in your business?

Do you feel like you could do more for your clients but don’t know where to start?

Are you scared?

This was me 2 years ago. 100% scared. $3k in my business account to pay my studio rent, a new baby, mom brain and the determination to make this dream work. When I switch to a service and value based business, it all clicked! I was different then my competitors, I offered more value to my clients and treated (and still treat) my clients like gold.

Sales is scary but, get this… you’re already doing sales if you are s&b. Your “selling” yourself while marketing, advertising and even just talking to potential clients.

We need to switch your mindset. Mindset is HUGE! Your not a sales person. Your not going to a sleezy and hide things. You are going to change your mindset to helping your clients get what they want.

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 How can you serve your clients better, while making more money for your family?

Why are you scared of success? Why are you scared of money? Why are you scared to increase your pricing?

Everyone has an excuse of why they don’t charge the prices that they deserve. We help you to be able to charge the prices to make you money for your family and enjoy your job.

We help you with:

  • Mindset

  • Pricing

  • Client Experience

  • Studio Experience

  • Website

  • Workflow

  • Scripts

  • Products

  • Cost of doing business and cost of goods

  • and more!

We only do 1:1 mentoring because everyone’s business is different and we customize your experience with us, just like with our clients.

Reach out for more information!