Birth Photography and Videography

Priceless memories of your reaction, your partners reaction, your baby’s first breath, the cutting of the cord, first foot prints and first kisses. The day your child comes into the world, changes everything. You feel the weight of their warm body against your skin and kiss their damp head. Where words fail to capture the depth of this moment, an artful photograph and video preserves all the emotions, love, laughter and cries of your first minutes together.

Mom holding her husband’s hand while in labor at virtua memorial hospital in mount holly nj labor and delivery room


Having a birth photographer/videographer takes away the responsibility from your partner or birth coach. They are able to focus on you, help you and be present. Give your partner the gift of experiencing this day fully, presently and without worrying about getting a good picture.

Doctor having newborn baby to mother after giving birth in virtua memorial hospital in mount holly new jersey

How much?

Birth Photography and Videography services start at $2500. All of our packages include an album digital packages, video footage, newborn session fee and more. Please contact for package information.

MOm smiling after learning she birthed a healthy baby boy at virtua memorial hospital in mount holly new jersey


I am on call for 3 weeks before and 1 week after your due date. This means that I reduce my schedule do that I have more availability to come and capture this time. If I am not available, I always have a back up who is available.