What is Branding Photography?

What is your brand? How do you want your clients or potential customers to see your business?

People in our day and age want instant satisfaction. Clients who are searching for services want to know you before they even inquire. With the rise of social media and online marketing, more and more people are interested in images with impact. Entrepreneurs are craving visuals that tell stories, build connections and energize their brands. Small business owners are looking to differentiate themselves and photography has become a powerful tool to stand out.

Be the face of your brand with confidence

Calling all entrepreneurs, influencers, movers and shakers! Grow your business faster with a powerful visual brand

- why blend in when you were meant to stand out?

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Who needs branding photography?

Honestly, anyone and everyone who has a strong message to share. You could be a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, corporate team, non profit organization or even a hobbyist. You could sell services or sell products...it doesn't make a difference. If you are passionate about your story and your purpose and want to really connect with your audience, then you may want to consider brand photography. People do business with people. Visual storytelling allows you to infuse YOU into your brand.

When should I have branding photos done?

The entrepreneurial journey can vary for all of us. You could be a newbie to business and ready to invest in professional photos from the very beginning. You could be a seasoned small business owner who has recently evolved your positioning and is now in need of new visuals to communicate your new message. You could be a few years in, in an overly saturated industry and just tired of feeling lost. Despite where you are on your business time line, you're ready when you feel the urge to share your story to stand out

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Where does branding photos take place?

The options are really endless. The obvious choice is your website. This is where you really want to tell your full story and share your brand "experience" on all your web pages so you can convert viewers into customers. But consider all the places that allow images from social media to newsletters to presentations to Facebook ads to press opportunities to your good old fashioned business card. You want your brand to be recognized everywhere so having a cohesive and consistent visual storytelling strategy will help you get there.

Why do I need branding photography?

This is the million dollar question. Do you really need to hire a photographer? Can't DIY photos or selfies work? If you want to position yourself as an expert or thought leader, you must invest in professional visuals. These other images may help your brand, but they will definitely not get you to leadership status. Professional photos communicate that you are indeed, a professional and not a newbie or hobbyist. Brand photography is intentional and grounded in strategy producing content that tell your story, builds connections, and creates depth in your brand. If you are tired of feeling invisible or like everyone else, brand photography can be a game-changer for your business. 

What types of services do we offer?

We have 3 different services to cater to every clients needs.

One time sessions start at $800.

These sessions are for the entrepreneur that needs updated head shots, behind the scenes, candid’s and lay flat details.

Four season sessions throughout the year start at $1500.

These sessions are for the entrepreneur that has new products frequently photographed throughout the season and new trends.

1 year memberships start at $3000.

These memberships are for the entrepreneur that has many new products a month, custom products, new employees, run a business on social media and needs content and want to show their clients everything about themselves and their business.

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