Capturing my boys with a fresh 48 session was so important because I knew as a photographer how quickly they change from just born to their newborn session. I also suffered from Post Partum Depression so being able to look at my happiness with their little bundle helped me out of my fog and brought me back to why I had this baby. He was a miracle and the photos motivated me to seek help and get back to where I was before.

What is a First 48 Session?

A first 48 session is when we come in your hospital room in the Mom & Baby unit and capture your baby's first photos! Those tiny wrinkly toes, peach fuse hair, tiny nails and ear hair! It's all going to change so quickly so make sure to freeze time! 


When should you book your First 48? We suggest that you book it with your maternity and newborn session. We set aside time around your due date so that we can quickly arrange a date and time to come to you. 

Should I have any props or special clothing for us for the First 48? Nope! This is 100% natural. Of course, the hospital blanket is ugly and weird but you want to remember the ugly weird blanket was her first blanket to ever touch her and keep her warm.

What if you can't make it within 48 hours? We do don't worry :) We always have a back up photographer if we are on vacation or called in for a birth session.

When do I contact you to come? If your water breaks make sure we are on that list of people that you tell you are going to the hospital. We will make sure to reduce our schedule for the next few days so we can come to you. If you have a scheduled C-section that makes it a lot easier. 

We also recommend that you wait for us to come and capture your baby's first bath. That is why it is important for you to contact us as soon as possible so we can come quickly!

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