First 48 Photos

Capturing your baby's teeny tiny details within the first 48 hours of birth is so important. The wrinkly toes and peachy fuse hair/rockstar do is short lived. Babies change so quickly. Believe me, I have two little boys and I look at their baby albums all the time! 

It was such a pleasure to be able to capture Della's small details. She wasn't very happy unswaddled but we made sure to work with her. 

Please enjoy Della's first 48 photo shoot at Lourdes Medical Center in Camden NJ.

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dad giving his newborn baby girl a kiss and eskimo kiss in lourdes medical center camden nj
mom holding her newborn baby girl at lourdes medical center in camden new jersey
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mom and dad looking up at eachother over their new baby girl in camden new jersey lourdes medical center
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