Dream Big | Cloud 9 Mini Sessions | Burlington NJ

Dream Big | Cloud 9 Mini Sessions | Burlington NJ

Little ones have the world stretched out before them like a wide open road… The promise of wonders yet to be discovered and memories yet to be made. Looking into their eyes, we see the magic of possibilities. The sky is the limit! Each day is full of promise and potential.

Are you a dreamer? Do you have a little dreamer on the way?

Last week, Wesley came in to model for our Dream Big Campaign. It just happened to be his birthday 3 days later! How perfect! The night before, I sat at home, while watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because… who doesn’t love a little drama, I hot glued poly fiber on lanterns that we had at the studio from a past session. Making it whimsical with the clouds on the floor and in the sky and then add in the gold star! Ugh! I was just perfect.

Check out Wesley is our Dream Big Exclusive Set! Click here to learn more about the campaign!


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