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Important Milestones in Your Baby’s First Year to Photograph

Your baby’s first year is a big one! WIthin their first year they’ll grow and change in so many ways! From lying on their tummy, to sitting up, and eventually going mobile,  you’ll definitely want to capture each of these moments! We’ll consult with you times to come in throughout the year so that you can capture and compile these first year moments. Here’s the important milestones we’ll help you save forever.

3 Months

After about 3 months, babies are able to hold their head up on their own. They are smiling giggling bundles of joy! While they are far more responsive and alert than when they were newborns, they aren’t quite ready to sit up or move around.

They look absolutely adorable lying on their tummy or back, wide eyed and smiling at the camera. Their attention spans are generally short, and they do tire easily. But a snuggling sleeping baby is still perfect camera baby.

We’ll consult with you before and during this shoot, so that you know what to expect going in. Every baby is different, and so we’ll work around showing off your baby at their best!


6 Months

This is when babies learn how to sit up, but aren’t yet mobile quite yet. This opens the door to all kinds of shooting possibilities!

Babies at this stage are becoming curious, they are playful and like to grab onto things. Their playful nature combined with their ability to pose means this shoot is great at capturing simple and joyful poses.

At Stinsman Photography we can set up scenes and props--including milk baths, that are perfect for capturing this milestone.


9 Months

This is the sixth month milestone kicked up a notch! Babies at this stage are very playful. They are filled with big laughs and big personalities. Some are scooting around at this stage, some are even capable of doing simple standing poses.

This is a great milestone to capture their playfulness and personalities.

No matter where you’re kid is at, we’ll be able to provide a setting for a fun filled and awesome shoot.


1 Year

This is it. This is the big one. The end of their first year. At this stage, kids are generally playful and much more mobile. Some are learning how to walk by now.

This milestone is a celebration of how far they’ve grown! A great way to celebrate their big one year birthday is with a cake smash! Watching a kid joyfully and eagerly pick apart their celebration cake is a fun (if somewhat messy) way to cap off your child’s first year.

In order to show off all of your child’s big milestone moments, at Stinsman Photography, we create a yearbook for you that includes all of your big milestones captured throughout the year.  

A baby’s first year is a big one, and one worth capturing forever.