Meet The Team

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Jackie is the owner of Stinsman Photography. She started her business with a dream to capture the memories of her own children… when she had them. She wanted to provide a better experience for clients to remember their sessions forever. Now as a busy mom and entrepreneur, she understand how fast kids grow and makes sure to capture her family at least twice a year. She specializes in Maternity, Fresh 48, Newborn and Kids. Running around and acting like a fool is the best way to get those smiles out of little ones.


  • Sushi

  • Sweatpants

  • Sweet tea

  • Reality tv after the kids go to bed.

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Cecilia is a mom to two girls and married for 12 year to her husband John. She has been a photographer for 5 years. Cecilia specializes in wedding and family photography.


  • Sushi

  • Ice Cream

  • Ramen

  • Coffee

  • Movie Nights

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Jackie is a mom of two and wife to Vince who is in the Marine Corps. She has been a photographer for 5 years and has moved every 3 years since she was born. Jackie has been an amazing assistant for 2018 and specializes in engagements and children.


  • Books

  • Food

  • Comfy Sweaters

  • No pants at home rule!

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Alyssa is a mom of two and her husband, Nick, is in the Air Force. She has been a photographer for over 5 years and has moved around the country with her husband. Alyssa has also been an assistant for 2018 and will be specializing in first birthday and milestones.


  • Coffee

  • Oldies

  • Hockey Season

  • Baby Feet